3:00 Film - Step Out: Living and Learning International
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Greg Belgum
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When most Americans think of Ecuador there aren't many images that come to mind. We aim to change that. 

Ecuador is a small country about the same size as the state of Colorado. But within the borders of a relatively small place exist four distinct regions. The Amazon Jungle to the east, the Andes Mountains where the capital city of Quito sits, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, and the Galapagos Islands 600 miles off the coast. Our students visit all four "worlds."

Earlier this year a friend of Living and Learning, Titus Haug, shot a beautiful film communicating visually the people and places of Ecuador. He was able to capture three of the four regions and present an inside look at the rich culture we experience in our host country.

Sit back, put your headphones in, turn the volume up and enjoy!