Big Fan of This - Spring 2016 semester kicks off
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Just a couple days into this new semester and you could definitely say I am a big fan of this. And by that I mean all of it. The language, the place, the people, all of it. Who new that 4 days could make such a big impact already? It amazes me all the things we have already done here and how much it already feels like home.

Of course there are the things that constantly remind you that this isn’t America but it also makes my heart for this place grow a little bit more.

Once we got into the country we were picked up at the airport by our RC’s and got to find out who we would be living with in our houses. Of course we were all stoked, nervous, and tired all at the same time but all the emotions have made this experience that much better.

I think I speak for many/all of us when I say I am totally unsure how our RC’s and the rest of the Living & Learning staff have been able to love us so well in such a short amount of time. I am amazed and impressed and all of the other jaw-dropping adjectives you can think of. They have absolutely taken us in and made us feel at home to the best of their abilities. 

Since being here we have gotten to explore the city, test all of the public transit options, brush up on our spanish while navigating our day-to-day lives, do team bonding on ropes courses, and tomorrow we even get to go zip lining and to the middle of the world! How stinkin' lucky are we?! As it may sound, we’ve been very busy since we got here and I’m sure that will keep up throughout the semester but just wanted to shoot a quick post up to let everyone know I got here safely and I am loving it so far! (still in the honeymoon stage of culture shock I guess) Sure its very different from back home but I truly do want to embrace everything this semester has for me and the different challenges it holds. My hope is to take the challenges, the good and the bad, of this semester and place them into God's hands. I've been told it a bunch of times before coming, but it finally hit me in church today, God is already working here and I am just meeting Him here to be a vessel. This is so true and I can’t freaking wait for it all.

- Kelsey Humbert


Thanks for all the prayers and love throughout this exciting and nerve-wracking time of waiting until the day I finally got on the plane to Quito, Ecuador. I am FINALLY here and could not be loving it more.

Quick synopsis of the past three days: these people featured in the pic are INCREDIBLE and I’ve only known some of them for literally three days, I get to live in this beautiful home with 4 even more beautiful women, Ecuadorians greet women with a kiss on the cheek and I love it, I did a high ropes corse that left me with some gnarly bruises, I love taxis, and tonight we drank coffee at a place that overlooked the city WHILE fireworks went off in the background (are you kidding me). 

I have loved every second here. I love challenging myself and learning to trust myself in ways I never thought I could, having conversations with complete strangers and beginning to truly admire them, experiencing a new culture, seeing God differently, and so so much more. Every morning I wake up and cannot believe that this is a reality. I am so grateful for the opportunity and CANNOT thank God and my family and my friends enough for being so supportive and behind this crazy decision of mine to go to a country I didn’t know anything about. I promise I am safe and doing better than good !!

Stay tuned for more posts about this phenomenal life I am graced to have.

- Sara Hernandez