Ecuador Summer Internship and Spanish Language institute

The Summer Internship and Spanish Language Institute exists to provide an excellent summer where students will engage the challenges of a developing nation and learn to respond with an appropriate Christian worldview.

For the summer program, all participants are a part of the same 8-week program and select between one of two tracks.  

- Track 1: Internship with Spanish Tutoring
Students will be placed at their internship site four days per week. One day per week is for optional spanish tutoring, rest, and evening chapel. Students will either participate for the experience or seek out 'internship credit' from their home institution. The four factors that influence internship placement are student interest/passion, future career goals, internship site availability, mastery of Spanish language (English speaking sites available). Internship sites are varied and include ministries, schools, non-profits, hospitals/clinics, government agencies, for-profit businesses, etc. For students enrolled in a college or university, L&LI can work with your home institution to award college credit for completing up to 260 hours of internship depending on their policies.

- Track 2: Spanish Language Institute with internship
Students will take two of our spanish courses for up to 8 credits in the summer (3 or 4 credits each) 101, 102, 201, 250, 310, 320. All Spanish courses are tought by native spanish speaking professors. Students can receive transfer credit from our school of record, College of the Ozarks, just like they do during the semester.


May 12 - July 7

Summer 2020 Internship or Spanish

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What does it cost?

Both program options, the Internship program and the Spanish Language Institute, cost the same. Each participant is a part of the same program and the track that is selected only effects what you do Monday-Friday during the normal working hours.

Program Options:

  • Internship Track: An internship site based on your specific goals and objectives for a total of up to 260 hours
  • Spanish Language Track: Up to 8 credits of college level Spanish with a transferrable transcript

Cost Includes: 

  • Airport transfers
  • Meals during program events (about 50% of the program)
  • Lodging and program transportation
  • Four week Homestay experience with an Ecuadorian Family
  • Comprehensive Orientation and Debrief
  • A 6-day service trip to the Amazon Jungle
  • A variety of cultural activities
  • International Travel Insurance (not primary medical insurance)

Does Not Include:

  • Airfare
  • Passport
  • Immunizations
  • Meals outside of program events (about 50% of the program)
  • Personal expenses or personal travel

Program Cost: $3,500


Learn about these student's experiences teaching english, working in youth ministry, and working in radio & website production.

See more on our student's experience interning with an orphanage, medical clinics, and schools.

Hear about this student's experience interning with one of Ecuador's political parties.

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Comm, IT, Graphic Design & Digital Media

Within communications, there are a variety of corporate, non-profit and public roles. Cross-cultural communication exposes students to training in a variety
of media outlets such as writing, programming, broadcasting, blogging, and even television and/or radio production. A communications internship prepares students for work in media industries, businesses, non-profit organizations and ministries requiring excellent written, interpersonal, organizational, oral and media production skills. Opportunities include HCJB, a local healthcare and media mission, and Control Z, a youth-focused radio station.


Business students study communication skills, financial modeling, statistical theory as it applies in business settings, recreational opportunities in the private sector, business law and business ethics. Seeing how business runs internationally equips students to succeed. A business internship deepens students’ involvement in the global marketplace by gaining practical hands-on and field experience. Business partners and connections constitute these internship opportunities.

Intercultural Studies

Intercultural internships seek to help students examine cultural from a biblical perspective and guide the student in the use of basic tools for grasping the content and application of God’s Word in a global context. Internships are offered at church partners and humanitarian organizations.

4-12 UNITS

Students come to Ecuador with varying degrees of fluency in Spanish. Consequently, after initial placement testing, students are placed in internships that will correspond to their level of proficiency. Internships will introduce the students to the sounds and structure of the Spanish language through listening and speaking and allow them to serve others while improving their Spanish Language learning. Homestays with Ecuadorian families would also accompany this Internship.


Educational internships prepare students to teach in public, private, or Christian schools. Teaching in a multi-cultural society, and even teaching in a different language prepares teachers well to enter into the educational community. Opportunities include teaching English in high schools (International and national) elementary/middle schools, and after school programs.

Outdoor Leadership

Knowing your way through the wilderness is important. Being able to guide others through their journey of faith in an outdoor context is even better. Outdoor Leadership students develop the necessary knowledge and skills in experiential education to be able to effectively lead others through the process of Christian formation. Internships in this area are realized at El Refugio, an outdoor training and leadership center.

Youth & Worship Ministries

Youth & Worship Ministry opportunities seek to help each student examine the scriptural basis for the faith and to guide the student in the use of basic tools for grasping the content and application of God’s Word. International ministry helps students acquire and develop their skills in ministry through involvement in other hands-on experience opportunities; through service projects, campus ministries and volunteer programs. Opportunities include high schools, youth groups, and church worship ministries.

Social Work, Family and Human & Psychology

Pulling from the historical roots of the profession, such opportunities emphasize that community well-being is essential to a common good, that each com- munity has gifts and assets, and we are called to participate in the life of a community. Opportunities for students to fulfill their callings to Christ-like service are present through numerous service learning and field education experienc- es, including high schools, orphanages, old-folks homes, prison ministries, and community outreach partners.

Pre-Med & Nursing

Physical well-being and access to healthcare are essential to a healthy life, particularly in a developing country. Pre-Med and nursing opportunities give students hands-on experience in an international medical context; in clinics, emergency rooms, out and inpatient procedures, all to gain an understanding of international medicine and medical practices. Internships include clinics, hospitals, and old-folks homes where the need is present.


Other internship opportunities may be available (for specific major requirements). Other non-major internships include work at orphanages, old-folks homes, prisons, coaching sports teams, soup kitchens, a daycare for children at the city dump, and other ministry partners connected with L&LI.