By bringing global perspectives into your traditional or online classroom, you enable students to encounter a range of opinions and ideas that propel students to approach the subject matter differently. Living and Learning International’s Global Lecture Series allows you to engage with cross-cultural perspectives from experts in their field. From a range of global experts at your finger tips, you may choose guest speakers to contribute to your classroom learning. We are excited to partner with you and showcase global leaders that will enhance your course content.


"We are always looking for innovative ways to help our students engage with some of the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic issues.  L&LI's new Global Lecture Series makes it possible to incorporate diverse perspectives from key leaders across the globe into any of our courses."

Emily Gratson

Associate Dean of Assessment and Student Success

Cornerstone University

"The Global Lecture Series provided a phenomenal opportunity for students in my US-Latin American Relations class to connect with Ecuadorian experiences and perspectives.  Doing so allowed them the ability to deepen their knowledge and its implications."

Dr. Robin M. Lauermann

Professor of Politics

Messiah College


L&LI will work with you directly to customize a set of global guest lectures to virtually join your classroom. Mirroring your course syllabus and intended learning outcomes, lectures are tailored specifically to your classroom needs.

A L&LI staff member will join your class virtually as a host to facilitate the experience. This staff member will introduce the speaker to the classroom, assist with any technical needs, and facilitate the question and answer time.

Each lecturer will speak for 40-50 minutes and answer questions for another 10-15 minutes. L&LI is able to provide the platform for video conferencing as needed.


Guest lecturers come from decades of experience in their respective areas. Having dedicated their lives to their field, their knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Among the lecturers showcased, a plethora of topics are available for a guest lecture. Such topics include community development, hospitality and tourism, sports management, and social justice

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From L&LI’s Global Lecture Series Catalogue you may select a pre-packaged lecture series or choose a la carte how many guest lecturers you would like to have. The L&LI Global Lecture Series offerings are tailored to your discipline. Based on your course format and overall integration method, live or pre-recorded lectures are available. We are excited to offer you a wide range of lecture packages to fit your unique classroom needs.

L&LI’s Director of Study Tours will connect with you to select the best lecture series for your classroom. Once your cart is stocked with your customized lecture series, classroom times and delivery of the lectures will be discussed. A biography on your guest lectures will be provided along with a schedule outlining when the lecture will be delivered. Thereafter an invoice will be sent to your university. We are excited to explore with you how we incorporate global perspectives into your course(s).

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