Global Virtual Internships

Most college students know they should complete an internship to be competitive in the job market. Completing a virtual internship allows students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in their specific field of study without leaving home. With a flexible format and hands-on, project-based work, students will be able to complete an international internship from anywhere.

Through the Global Virtual Internship by Living and Learning International (L&LI) students will earn 3 college credits. Programs are offered during the summer in a 6-week format. Over the fall or spring semester, internships last 12 weeks designed to be completed while enrolled as a part time or full time student at their college or university.

Internships will have a strong emphasis on completing a single, deliverable project. A dedicated mentor will facilitate the experience and serve as a bridge between the student and the international organization. The Community Development course will provide an evidence-based framework for approaching a cross-cultural workplace.


Fall 2020
Sept. 14 - Dec 4

3 credits - 12 weeks

Spring 2021
Feb 1 - April 24

3 credits - 12 weeks

Summer 2021
Dates Pending

3 credits - 6 weeks (Intensive)

GLOBAL VIRTUAL Internship Opportunities

Here is a list of specific internship opportunities. This list is not exhaustive but will give you an idea of what some of the options are. Check back regularly as more opportunities are posted daily.

Your final internship placement is based on your major, interests, career goals, skill set, and internship site availability. Your resume,  interview, and internship requirements will also influence your placement.

Remote Video Project for Street Kids Ministry
Remote Video Project for Street Kids Ministry
Majors: Videography, Communication, Ministry, International Development

This ministry exists to identify, teach, and equip young men to become leaders and ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Their mission is to see youth at risk become successful Christian leaders in their home, church, community, and world. A virtual intern will use their video skills to direct and edit a new promo video. They will work alongside one of the boys from the house to get video footage and edit a promo video for the ministry.

NEW: Fundraising and Donor Relations with a Hunger Relief Non-Profit
NEW: Fundraising and Donor Relations with a Hunger Relief Non-Profit
Majors: Business, International Studies, Marketing, Social Work, Communications, Social Media.

Work alongside a non-profit that offers programs for children and families in real need. They gather the resources (physical, spiritual, economic) needed to help those who are less fortunate in Quito come to know the Lord. Programs include hunger relief, education, shelter, emergency relief, entrepreneurship, and health care. Interns will develop a new fundraising campaign, manage donor relations through written communication, and contribute to social media.

Redesign Print and Web Branding and Marketing Material for Private Christian School
Redesign Print and Web Branding and Marketing Material for Private Christian School
Major: Graphic Design, Marketing

Provide a private Christian school in Ecuador with template style marketing materials. Many of their current materials are out of date and style. Interns would deliver: 1) high-quality, attractive marketing materials that will enable the organization to promote its programs and needs in the U.S.; 2) create templates that can be easily updated as information changes constantly; and 3) design T-shirts and other items that can be sold on campus to promote the organization and generate income.

NEW: Business Project with a Technology Startup
NEW: Business Project with a Technology Startup
Majors: International Business, Marketing, Finance, Communications

With offices in Ecuador, Israel, and California, this technology startup provides security software both B2B and B2C. This unique product uses AI to scan documents and automatically assign classification level based on both the content and context of the document. Interns will work in finance, marketing, and translating documents.

Organize a Senior Class Trip to D.C. for Rural Ecuadorian High School
Organize a Senior Class Trip to D.C. for Rural Ecuadorian High School
Majors: Education, Business, Travel and Tourism, Communications

After investing twelve years into the first graduating class, a rural Ecuadorian high school would like to create a Senior class trip to Washington D.C. The virtual intern will deliver the following: 1) a Senior class trip packet which includes, itinerary, budget, schedule, route, sites to visit and more in Washington D.C.; 2) develop partnerships with churches and businesses to lower costs enabling all students to attend; 3) create a Crowdfund strategy both in the U.S. and Ecuador so that the school can raise funds for this trip on an annual basis; and 4) create marketing material to present both to constituents in the US and parents in Ecuador.

Complete a Feasibility Study with an Artisan Pottery Entrepreneur
Complete a Feasibility Study with an Artisan Pottery Entrepreneur
Majors: Entrepreneurship, Business, Management

Conduct a feasibility study for the launch of an artisan pottery business located in the Jungles of Ecuador. Interns will be working alongside an established ministry to launch this new initiative with the objective of generating work for women (particularly moms whose children attend the boarding home or school). Deliverables will include: 1) a feasibility study with research gathered to help the organization decide to move/not move forward with the idea; 2) a financial page with a projected income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet; 3) a crowdfunding strategy for the startup company; and 4) a business plan detailing the development, start-up and growth phases of the business.

Write Stories for an International Christian Radio
Write Stories for an International Christian Radio
Majors: Business, Graphic Design, Marketing, Communications, Spanish

Join an international Christian radio ministry and app developer that seeks to share the gospel in unique and creative ways. Interns will be involved in writing stories, translating content for print and audio, and support with social media.

Language Translation for an Education Sponsorship Program
Language Translation for an Education Sponsorship Program
Majors: Spanish, Marketing, Communications, English, International Studies

Join a team of committed volunteers who are passionate about bringing quality education to children and transforming communities around the world. They provide educational support for individual children, teens, and adults and work to provide educational resources for entire communities in regions of our world that have suffered from poverty, crisis, and natural disaster. Interns will support in a variety of capacities including translating child sponsor letters, organizing a fundraising campaign, and performing an organizational review.

Design a Creative Fundraising Campaign for Christian Ministry in the Amazon Jungle
Design a Creative Fundraising Campaign for Christian Ministry in the Amazon Jungle
Majors: Entrepreneurship, Business, Non-profit Management

Intern will research methodologies for connecting with a younger generation of supporters and develop creative fundraising strategies. These strategies need to be unconventional and up to date. An emphasis would be placed on recurring monthly donations. Interns will: 1) research on different fundraising venues and how nonprofit can adjust to the different generations of constituents; 2) create a calendar, schedule, and plan to execute strategy; 3) generate a yearly budget for strategy. 4) a creative fundraising strategy that the ministry can put into action;


The summer program will be facilitated by L&LI. Each student will have a dedicated mentor who will guide them through the internship. The mentor will provide support professionally and personally. Specifically, they will provide technical support, internship project guidance, and spiritual development.


As  part of the summer internship, students will engage in a weekly seminar focused on Community Development principles. Additionally, interns will have access to short, actionable, professional development videos which will lead to career readiness as defined by the NACE competencies.


Internship placements are available in a range of organization types and job fields. The internship experience will be project-based, ranging from completing an organizational review, to designing training content, to preparing a new marketing campaign.

Common fields include:

  • Communication
  • Business
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • International Studies
  • Christian Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Global Development
  • Psychology


  • Orientation, debrief and ongoing support with a L&LI mentor
  • Internship placement with 100 work hours
  • Entire experience is 135 hours
  • 10 direct contact hours with an international site leader
  • Discipleship and spiritual growth
  • Community Development seminar
  • Professional development curriculum informed by NACE competencies
  • 3 academic credits on a US transcript


3 Credits - $1,850

Official Transcript from L&LI School of Record, College of the Ozarks


  • Ecuador
  • Philippines
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Ethiopia
  • Domestic (USA)


These Q&A will help you get all of your details in order and plans in place.

How do you decide my internship placement?

Each students' placement is custom to you and based on your interests, future career goals and site availability, all while considering any internship requirements given by your home college or university.


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