Faculty-led programs

Living and Learning International (L&LI) works directly with faculty to provide all-inclusive, customizable study tours around the world. Teams receive all logistics, a dedicated team host, and customized itineraries to ensure relevant hands-on learning. We work on all in-land logistics so you don’t have to, giving you the autonomy to teach your course abroad and more time to invest in your students. Having led countless study tours around the globe, we desire to take your course cross-culturally meanwhile embedded in a faith-based approach. 

What is a study tour?

Rather than sitting in a four-walled room lecturing on the theoretical, take your students beyond the classroom for hands-on learning. A study tour allows you to teach the same college course abroad in a setting that perfectly complements your course material. Imagine teaching biology in the Galapagos, social work in South Africa, cuisine in Italy, or business in Spain. Regardless of your destination and subject area, we will coordinate the travel logistics so you don’t have to. We walk alongside you the entire way as you recruit your students and provide a dedicated study tour host to run the program once you are abroad. From start to finish, L&LI will work with you to ensure your study abroad program is customized to your liking. 

Value of a faculty-led program

Imagine a classroom that enhances a student’s cross-cultural understanding, allows them to engage with diversity, and deepens their global mindset. Study abroad is a high impact practice that holds invaluable worth for a student’s learning academically, socially, and spiritually. There is no deeper way to present course material than to engage the five senses in all aspects of learning. Above all, the greatest part of a faculty-led study abroad program is that students get to travel with you! In-context instruction will revolutionize the manner students retain course material and in turn the way you teach.

student feedback

“I went in thinking I would be going on a trip with my friends to learn more about Biology, but what I got out of it was so much more. Not only did I see my textbook come to life, but I also saw the brushstrokes of God in a way like never before. The people of Ecuador were so full of joy, and the guides with Living and Learning full of knowledge. I highly recommend a trip with Living and Learning to anyone and everyone - it’s a once in a lifetime experience, one you won’t regret.”

Paige Brammer 
Biology with Teacher’s Licensure
Liberty University

what faculty say about study tours

"I have had the privilege to partner with Living and Learning International for the past five years in coordination with a Nursing Leadership course that I teach at Augustana University. Living and Learning has consistently coordinated the logistics for our time in Ecuador from the moment we arrive until we depart; the planning and implementation of the activities are seamless. Living and Learning staff have arranged the course and clinical student learning opportunities that are necessary for the requirements of the Nursing Leadership course reliably year after year. Student feedback on the experience has also been positive. Every year I hear from the students that this opportunity is 'life changing' or 'an experience that will stay with me throughout my nursing career'. Students not only gain academic preparation in nursing, they gain experiential and spiritual opportunity during their time with Living and Learning. I know that the immersion experience and course would not be successful without the Living and Learning teams’ dedication to planning and coordinating our experience.”

Patricia Waltman MA, CNL, RN
Nursing Faculty
Augustana University

how do i get started?

We are so excited that you are interested in taking your university course abroad. At L&LI our desire is to help you make the world your classroom. Please reach out by filling out the form below and we can set up a time to begin to developing a framework for your international course. 

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