Washington, D.C. Study Tours

This upcoming December 6-19, 2020 Living and Learning International is offering a signature study tour in Washington D.C. Aligned with the pressing issues we face in today's society, students will have the opportunity to address topics they are passionate about such as social justice and public health.

Students will enroll in one of the following courses:

LLI 350 CH Christianity & Social Justice | 3 Credits

Spend two weeks in the United States capitol delving into the complex layers that make up the social justice movements our society strives for today. Meanwhile in Washington D.C., students will engage with politicians, activists, and police enforcement, all on the front lines of various social justice movements. In addition to serving the people of D.C. through outreach opportunities, students will visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture and walk through the new Black Lives Matter Plaza. Students will leave this program with a deeper understanding of social justice and advocacy through a Christian lens.

LLI 310 CO Public Health & Epidemiology | 3 Credits

COVID-19 is a very present reality that altered and impacted the entire world at large. Through this program students will hear from medical healthcare professionals whose work largely impacted the U.S. government's decision making around the pandemic. While in Washington D.C., students will hear from a wide range of voices at the front lines of decision making regarding COVID-19 regulations. Through this experience, students will be able to quantify their sentiments with the actions the U.S. took through the pandemic at a national and global scale.

Local, Regional, and International Speakers:


6-19, 2020

Applications are Open!

Program Professors

“'Justice,' 'injustice,' 'social justice,' 'equality,' and 'fairness' remain in the forefront of many conversations today.  Many Christians are looking to their faith for guidance and steps forward.  This course will explore different perspectives on justice, how faith has informed different individuals' commitment to social justice, and specific case studies on today's issues."

Dr. Gregory Bish

Professor - Christianity & Social Justice

"This unique blended and experiential learning module will allow undergraduate students from various academic majors to learn the foundational principles of public health and epidemiology. Students will travel to Washington D.C. to learn from diverse community members, public health leaders, and international experts, through a case study focused class investigating the spiritual, psychosocial, and public health implications of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 pandemic."

Dr. Micah Hughes

Professor - Public Health & Epidemiology


All participating students will select either the Christianity & Social Justice course OR the Public Health & Epidemiology course. The cost is the same regardless of the course selected. Each participant is a part of the same group and the course that is selected only affects what you do Monday-Friday during the academic instruction hours.  

Cost Includes:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Meals During Program Events (About 50% of the Program)
  • Lodging on Capitol Hill
  • Program Transportation
  • Dedicated Program Staff
  • Comprehensive Orientation and Debrief
  • Excursions in Washington, D.C.
  • 3 college credits on an official US transcript

Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to/from Reagan National Airport (DCA)
  • Meals Outside of Program Events (About 50% of the Program)
  • Personal Expenses or Personal Travel

Program Cost: $2,900


These Q&A will help you get all of your details in order and plans in place.

How do I apply?

Students may apply directly at landli.org/register. Applications will be accepted through November 14, 2020 on a rolling basis until all spots are filled. After registration is completed, student participation will be locked in once a $100 deposit is made. For further questions feel free to contact us at info@landli.org.

When is my deposit and final payment due?

A $100 deposit is required to confirm a participant’s spot on the program after registration. The remaining balance will be due with a firm deadline of November 14th OR immediately upon acceptance if a student is formally accepted after the November 14th date.

What am I expected to pay out of pocket?

Not included in the overall cost is roundtrip airfare in/out of Washington, D.C. (airport code is DCA), most breakfast/dinners, and any additional excursions or souvenirs purchased during the students free time. Students will have the ability to cook in their apartments for the meals that are on their own.

How much does it cost? What is included?

The program cost is $2,900 which includes accommodations, all lunches and some breakfast/dinners, group excursions, 24/7 support staff, and tuition for 3 college credits.

How will COVID-19 impact the overall program and student safety?

Student safety is the utmost priority in all programming details. Prior to arrival, all students will be required to provide a negative Covid test within ten days from arrival in DC. Each morning a symptoms questionnaire will be sent to students and a temperature check will be given prior to starting class. Students will be required to wear their masks at all times when out of their apartments. No more than three students will be housed per room, with no more than five students per apartment. Additionally, students will be asked to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer whenever entering/leaving the students accommodations. Hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the student housing. 

How many staff members will be on site?

Each course has one dedicated professor and program host to assist in all program needs. Both program hosts will be housed in the same building as students and be available 24/7 should students need assistance. Overall, a minimum of four faculty and staff members will be coordinating the experience for students. 

What fun excursion can I expect on this program?

The program will hold a balance of group excursions as well as free time for the students to complete homework assignments and explore the city on their own. Group excursions students may anticipate include an Evening Monuments Tour, entrance to the Museum of the Bible, and Capitol Tour. All group excursions are subject to availability and may be changed/cancelled due to Covid regulations at the time. 

What will a typical day on the program look like?

On a typical day, students will wake up and make breakfast for themselves in their apartments. They will then submit a symptoms questionnaire prior to joining the rest of the students and come to class early to receive a daily temperature check. Throughout the day students will engage in both classroom instruction from their professor as well as on-site and on-field instruction from guest speakers. Lunch will be provided each day for the students either catered in or at a local DC restaurant. After on-site and on-field instruction has wrapped up, daily debrief time will be conducted collaboratively for both classes. Students will have most evenings free to explore the city, do homework, or join a group excursion. 

Where will I be living?

Accommodations will be provided in student apartments on Capitol Hill. Students will be able to enjoy apartment living conveniently located in the heart of DC. All apartments are fully furnished with a kitchen and washer/dryer. Bed sheets and blankets will be provided. Students will need to bring their own towels. Both student accommodations and classrooms are located in the same building.

Here is a quick video tour of the accommodations:

How will I get to Washington DC?

Students will be responsible for booking their own flight to and from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). Upon registration, students will receive a suggested flight itinerary and arrival and departure window in which they will need to book their flight.

What are the program dates?

The in-person experience will happen December 6-19, 2020. Students will arrive on December 6 and depart on December 19. Three online orientation calls will happen in the weeks leading up to the program.

How will the credit transfer back to my home institution?

Credit for these courses will be offered through College of the Ozarks. Students will need to meet with their academic advisor and Registrar office on their home campus to ensure all are aware they will be bringing in transient credit. At the end of the two week course a final grade will be administered and a transcript will be sent directly to the student’s home institution.

Why should I register for this program?

L&LI’s Signature Study Tours in Washington D.C. are aligned with pressing issues we face in today's society. Students will have the opportunity to address topics they are passionate about such as social justice and public health while studying in our nation’s capital. Whether taking one of the courses as a major core credit or a fun elective, students will enjoy an intentionally catered itinerary that confronts difficult topics while hearing from a wide range of industry leaders.

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