Communicating the Value of Study Abroad

Study abroad programming is a high-impact practice that undeniably affects each participant positively. Yet, how do you describe the transformative outcomes of study abroad when it seems to be immeasurable?

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3:00 Film - Step Out: Living and Learning International

An inside look at the people and places of Ecuador.

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Big Fan of This - Spring 2016 semester kicks off

Reflections from students as they start off the semester!!

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Living and Learning Outside of Ecuador

A post from a Fall 2015 student on her reflections from Ecuador as she prepares for a new semester back home...

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a week in paradise... kind of

Mmmm I’ve always loved the beach. When we first stepped foot onto our place of lodging for the week, my breath nearly caught in my throat [...]

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the struggle is worth it [language learning part 2]

She was waving her hands, motioning for all the little kids to get in a line. They didn’t really understand [...]

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buckle up for the ride [language learning part 1]

They say life is like a rollercoaster. I see what they mean, but I never related much to this metaphor [...]

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A week in the Jungle

\There’s just something about the jungle. Yes, the jungle [...]

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