Alumni Reunion

Quito, Ecuador - Summer 2020

Living and Learning is grateful to have hosted hundreds of students over the years. Since the first semester of students in 2008, many people have walked through our doors and experienced Quito, Ecuador. We are excited to invite our Alumni back to Quito. The week will provide a chance to reconnect with the people and place that had an impact on your life.

Dates: May 18-23, 2020

Living and Learning will host the main gathering in Quito from May 18-20, 2020 however you are welcome to extend your stay to start before or after these dates. An optional beach extension will also be planned for May 21-23, 2020. More details are TBA for the alumni gathering but rest assured that it will include food, music, and lots of reminiscing with your old friends--plus people you’ve never met.

Alumni are encouraged to bring friends and loved ones, and other than the main event, folks are free to enjoy their vacation however they’d like. Travel to the coast, visit your old favorite restaurants and parks in Quito, or take day trips to hike volcanoes and craters.

Stay tuned for updates about registration for the main gathering,  group excursions to the jungle, and much more!

Professional Resources

So you are now an L&LI Alumni. During your time in Ecuador, you gained very marketable skills by engaging in a variety of experiences. You took unique courses, worked in an international internship, gained cultural awareness in your homestay, trips, and classes.

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