ROME, ITALY Courses:
Fall and Spring Semester

Cultural Understanding
4 Units

This course will maximize the experience of living in Europe by developing the student’s cultural intelligence to enable them to function effectively with other cultures. Students will be introduced to survival Italian language learning to help in their daily lives in Rome.Students will also have an  introduction to the cultural history of Rome by exploring the daily life of ancient Romans in relation to their language, culture, and religion. Students will be introduced to the historical and cultural context of the Roman world as it affected future developments in Western society. As they live in Rome, students will combine classroom sessions with field trips to the modern city of Rome as well as the ancient sites ofRome and Pompeii.

History of Western Thought
3 Units

This course is an introduction to the history of Western ideas in the ages of Classicism, early Christianity, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Modernism, and Postmodernism. Its design provides students with a more enhanced sense of how historical human thought and events shaped modern Western world views and how a Christian worldview appropriates these ideas. These eras are further examined in light of their aesthetics that reflect the thoughts and feelings of the movements, primarily through philosophy, theology, and literature, while secondarily throughout art, architecture, music, and science. Field trips to classic sites in and around Rome, as well as to Athens and Corinth, are an integral feature.

3 units

Ethics is a branch of learning at the intersection between philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, history, technology, etc.attempting at answering the questions related to the morality of human reasoning and actions, e.g. what is right and wrong in given situations according to the different subjects involved. The course will expound a“perspectival” approach to ethics by way of tackling it in terms of three inter-related perspectives: Normative, Situational, and Existential. Students will be introduced to ethical systems (both ancient, modern, and contemporary ones) which give priority to one or the other, often at the expense of other perspectives and therefore leading to unbalanced ethical systems. Students will have the opportunity not only to detect strengths and pitfalls of non-Christian ethical systems but also to appreciate the richness and viability of the Christian moral framework.

Church History
3 units

History of the Christian Church is a survey of the development of the Christian Church from the close of the New Testament period to the present time, with special attention to the role of Rome in the development of Christian thought. The course will provide an examination of the church as an institution and as a people. Thus, while context, dates and names establish the background for historical understanding of the institution of the church, ideas will also be discussed from an explicitly evangelical perspective. Students will therefore gain a historical basis for understanding current ideas and trends in the church and in ministry.

International Business*
3 units

This course is designed to study the major topics normally offered in a course in international business.  It examines the essentials of international business with emphasis on theories, practices ,opportunities, challenges and issues of particular importance to doing business in the global economy as well as specific institutions that are internationally active / influential.  The course recognizes the complexity of cross-cultural understanding / venturing and seeks to deepen the understanding of faith in the global business environment.

Exploring the Art of Italy*
3 units

Learn the value of art through experience! Engage with the ancient ruins of Rome, sacred spaces of worship, the cityscape of Florence, and some of the greatest sculptures and paintings of Western civilization. This course provides an interactive approach to understanding and appreciating art. Choose from three tracks: Drawing and Sketching, Watercolor Painting, or general ArtAppreciation. Each track involves subject and style studies, specific art and architectural assignments, exercises in creative and expressive thinking, exploration of the elements and principles of design, and skill development in a biblical worldview of art analysis and critique. Learn on location with daily site-specific encounters using exercises and projects of Ancient Art through Baroque art. A short supply list of necessary art materials will be provided and will then be the responsibility of the student to obtain before the start of the course.

The Apostle Paul: His Life and Theology

This course will offer a survey of the life and theology of the Apostle Paul as described by the book of Acts, and the 13 bible books attributed to him. Besides the trinity, no other person in history has made such a large contribution to the growth of the church, the structure of the church, and the development and the systematic presentation of God’s redemptive and life-changing plan made possible by the death and resurrection of Christ and the giving of the Holy Spirit. This course will explore the person and character of Paul and the Christian experience that changed not only his life, the lives of millions who have walked with Jesus after him. Our understanding of Paul and his mission will be enriched by exploring the social, political, religious, economic, and geographical background of Paul’s life and writings. Paul will become our model to follow in service, growth, suffering, rejoicing, persevering, and knowing the all-sufficient grace of God in our lives to accomplish the purposes to which God has called us.

Notes on course offerings: 
Students may select four or five courses for a total of 13 or 16 credits.

*Students select either International Business OR Exploring the Art of Italy which are taught at the same time.

Quito, ECUADOR Courses:
Fall and Spring Semester

3-12 UNITS

Each participant will be enrolled in at least one Spanish class but can enroll in more. After initial placement testing, students are placed in classes that will correspond to their level of proficiency. Courses will introduce the students to the sounds and structure of the Spanish language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Courses will provide the basis to understand and communicate Spanish effectively. Spanish Courses Offered Include: 101 & 102: Elementary Spanish 1 & 2, 201: Intermediate Spanish 1, 250: Readings and Advanced Grammer, 310: Advanced Grammer and Conversation, 320: Advanced Grammer and Composition, 330: Voces del Ecuador: Select Topics in Ecuadorian Perspectives, 400: Overview of Latin American Literature and Culture.

Ecuador 250/350: History, Art & Culture
1 Unit or 3 UNITS

This course provides an overview of the history, art, and culture of Ecuador, along with the relationship between various factors. The course includes guest speakers from local organizations and visits to community groups, along with lectures and readings. The one unit seminar is required for all students. Completing the course for three units is elective.

Community Development 100 & Internship/Service-Learning

An integrative cross-cultural experience designed to help the student understand and form his or her Christian worldview, cross-cultural engagement, and understanding of diverse social and cultural contexts. A 1-hour per week course requires the attendance of all students. The goal and emphasis of this course are to provide students with a set of tools to utilize in interacting with people in work, community, or educational settings. Community development interventions in this course are understood as activities to facilitate, strengthen, and improve less-advantaged communities, empower residents to define and participate in the development process, and interact in larger social, political, and economic systems on behalf of the community. As part of this course, all students complete a local internship. This course can be taken for one or three credits. Students may request to take the course for more units if needed but must receive approval from L&LI.

Christian Spiritual Formation 320

This course will examine the dynamics of personal development in student's lives, focusing on spiritual growth. Biblical principles that govern the character and conduct of Christians will be addressed. Students will employ analytical tools and reflection skills to develop a greater self-awareness. From this foundation they will explore the process of spiritual formation and establish an initial life-plan for the regular practice of spiritual disciplines.

Worldview and Global Religions 340

The goal of this course is to understand the nature of a worldview and the function of faith and reason in developing a worldview. To define and analyze eight basic worldviews (Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheism, New Age spirituality and postmodernism). To explore and critique six major world religious traditions: Judaism, Christianity, Taoism & Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. To offer an internal critique of each worldview and an evaluation from the standpoint of historic Christianity.

Intercultural Communications 300

This course is designed to examine the principles and practices of communicating from one culture to another. Focus for the course lies in differing perceptions, ways of thinking, values, non-verbal expressions, language expression and subgroups within a culture as they relate to the media and the message. Furthermore, students will have opportunity to discuss strategies for practical application that will address these issues and integrate Christian values.

Biological Principles 100 & Lab

Introductory course designed to provide a broad survey of biological principles and is primarily designed to provide meaningful and adequate exposure to biology for the non-science major. It will also help to prepare students for further study in the biological sciences. Because Ecuador is rich in biodiversity, it is an ideal place to survey biological principles. These principles will include the nature of science, discussion of origins, ecology, cell biology, genetics, zoology and human anatomy, as well as an overview of their effects on daily life. While there is no laboratory class required for this course, a hands-on lab component and field experience will be included.

Social Entrepreneurship & Leadership 360
3 Units

Social Entrepreneurship is an emerging and rapidly changing business field that examines the practice of identifying, starting, and growing successful mission-driven for-profit or nonprofit ventures, that is, organizations that strive to advance social change through innovative solutions. This course is designed to provide a socially relevant academic experience in order to help students gain in-depth insights into economic and social value creation across sectors including social justice, poverty alleviation, energy, health, and sustainability. Through case studies, lectures, and classroom dialogue, students will learn to think strategically and act opportunistically with a socially-conscious business mindset. Topics will include problem/opportunity assessment, acquiring the necessary resources to grow a social enterprise, including leadership and management styles, and the tradeoffs between social and financial returns on investment. Students will also gain exposure to various social organizational models that are making tangible and potentially scalable progress in serving the poor.

Notes of course offerings:
Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units to be considered full-time.

Required courses include 1) At least one Spanish class, 2) Ecuador History, Art, and Culture for a minimum of one unit, and 3) Community Development 100 & Internship/Service-Learning for a minimum of one unit.


Comm, IT, Graphic Design, & Digital Media

Within communications, there are a variety of corporate, non-profit and public roles. Cross-cultural communication exposes students to training in a variety 
of media outlets such as writing, programming, broadcasting, blogging, and even television and/or radio production. A communications internship prepares students for work in media industries, businesses, non-profit organizations and ministries requiring excellent written, interpersonal, organizational, oral and media production skills. Opportunities include HCJB, a local healthcare and media mission, and Control Z, a youth-focused radio station.


Business students study communication skills, financial modeling, and statistical theory as it applies in business settings, and recreational opportunities in the private sector, business law, and business ethics. Seeing how business runs internationally equips students to succeed. A business internship deepens students’ involvement in the global marketplace by gaining practical hands-on and field experience. Business partners and connections constitute these internship opportunities.

Intercultural Studies

Intercultural internships seek to help students examine culture from a biblical perspective and guide the student in the use of basic tools for grasping the content and application of God’s Word in a global context. Internships are offered at church partners and humanitarian organizations.


Students come to Ecuador with varying degrees of fluency in Spanish. Consequently, after initial placement testing, students are placed in internships that will correspond to their level of proficiency. Internships will introduce the students to the sounds and structure of the Spanish language through listening and speaking and allow them to serve others while improving their Spanish language learning. Homestays with Ecuadorian families would also accompany this Internship.


Educational internships prepare students to teach in public, private, or Christian schools. Teaching in a multi-cultural society, and even teaching in a different language prepares teachers well to enter into the educational community. Opportunities include teaching English in high schools (international and national) elementary/middle schools, and after school programs.

Outdoor Leadership

Knowing your way through the wilderness is important. Being able to guide others through their journey of faith in an outdoor context is even better. Outdoor Leadership students develop the necessary knowledge and skills in experiential education to be able to effectively lead others through the process of Christian formation. Internships in this area are realized at El Refugio, an outdoor training and leadership center.

Youth & Worship Ministries

Youth & Worship Ministry opportunities seek to help each student examine the scriptural basis for the faith and to guide the student in the use of basic tools for grasping the content and application of God’s Word. International ministry helps students acquire and develop their skills in ministry through involvement in other hands-on experience opportunities; through service projects, campus ministries, and volunteer programs. Opportunities include high schools, youth groups, and church worship ministries.

Social Work, Family and Human & Psychology

Pulling from the historical roots of the profession, such opportunities emphasize that community well-being is essential to a common good, that each community has gifts and assets, and we are called to participate in the life of a community. Opportunities for students to fulfill their callings to Christ-like service are present through numerous service learning and field education experiences, including high schools, orphanages, old-folks homes, prison ministries, and community outreach partners.

Pre-Med & Nursing

Physical well-being and access to healthcare are essential to a healthy life, particularly in a developing country. Pre-Med and nursing opportunities give students hands-on experience in an international medical context; in clinics, emergency rooms, out and inpatient procedures, all to gain an understanding of international medicine and medical practices. Internships include clinics, hospitals, and old-folks homes where the need is present.


Other internship opportunities may be available (for specific major requirements). Other non-major internships include work at orphanages, old-folks homes, prisons, coaching sports teams, soup kitchens, a daycare for children at the city dump, and other ministry partners connected with L&LI.

Internship placement is customizable and based on interests, future career goals, and the requirements of your degree.

GLOBAL VIRTUAL Internship Opportunities

Here is a list of specific internship opportunities. This list is not exhaustive but will give you an idea of what some of the options are. Check back regularly as more opportunities are posted daily.

Your final internship placement is based on your major, interests, career goals, skill set, and internship site availability. Your resume,  interview, and internship requirements will also influence your placement.

TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language
TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language
Majors: TESL major or certificate

Placements available at various schools globally, interns complete their TESL teaching requirements fully remotely. Most teaching is synchronous in format. Teaching is a mix of group setting and one on one although an emphasis is placed on group settings. Placements available globally.

Remote Video Project for Street Kids Ministry
Remote Video Project for Street Kids Ministry
Majors: Videography, Communication, Ministry, International Development

This ministry exists to identify, teach, and equip young men to become leaders and ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Their mission is to see youth at risk become successful Christian leaders in their home, church, community, and world. A virtual intern will use their video skills to direct and edit a new promo video. They will work alongside one of the boys from the house to get video footage and edit a promo video for the ministry.

Fundraising and Donor Relations with a Hunger Relief Non-Profit
Fundraising and Donor Relations with a Hunger Relief Non-Profit
Majors: Business, International Studies, Marketing, Social Work, Communications, Social Media.

Work alongside a non-profit that offers programs for children and families in real need. They gather the resources (physical, spiritual, economic) needed to help those who are less fortunate in Quito come to know the Lord. Programs include hunger relief, education, shelter, emergency relief, entrepreneurship, and health care. Interns will develop a new fundraising campaign, manage donor relations through written communication, and contribute to social media.

Redesign Print and Web Branding and Marketing Material for Private Christian School
Redesign Print and Web Branding and Marketing Material for Private Christian School
Major: Graphic Design, Marketing

Provide a private Christian school in Ecuador with template style marketing materials. Many of their current materials are out of date and style. Interns would deliver: 1) high-quality, attractive marketing materials that will enable the organization to promote its programs and needs in the U.S.; 2) create templates that can be easily updated as information changes constantly; and 3) design T-shirts and other items that can be sold on campus to promote the organization and generate income.

Business Project with a Technology Startup
Business Project with a Technology Startup
Majors: International Business, Marketing, Finance, Communications

With offices in Ecuador, Israel, and California, this technology startup provides security software both B2B and B2C. This unique product uses AI to scan documents and automatically assign classification level based on both the content and context of the document. Interns will work in finance, marketing, and translating documents.

Architecture and Design - Greece and Greater Europe
Architecture and Design - Greece and Greater Europe
Majors: Architecture and Design

Purpose: to provide an opportunity for students and practitioners of building design professions (architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, structural engineering, etc.) to use their skills to serve the Lord by helping ministries in Greater Europe. They will be involved in actual projects, in all aspects of the design process. This internship will take place within the framework of the Greater Europe Mission internship programs. Activities: interns will work with the Design Group Director on projects currently being undertaken to identify needs, develop design proposals, and create presentations and construction/permit drawings of project designs. The types of projects include new buildings and renovations of existing buildings for churches, Bible schools, camps, mission offices, Christian schools, conference centers, Christian hospitality centers, etc.

Organize a Senior Class Trip to D.C. for Rural Ecuadorian High School
Organize a Senior Class Trip to D.C. for Rural Ecuadorian High School
Majors: Education, Business, Travel and Tourism, Communications

After investing twelve years into the first graduating class, a rural Ecuadorian high school would like to create a Senior class trip to Washington D.C. The virtual intern will deliver the following: 1) a Senior class trip packet which includes, itinerary, budget, schedule, route, sites to visit and more in Washington D.C.; 2) develop partnerships with churches and businesses to lower costs enabling all students to attend; 3) create a Crowdfund strategy both in the U.S. and Ecuador so that the school can raise funds for this trip on an annual basis; and 4) create marketing material to present both to constituents in the US and parents in Ecuador.

Architecture and Design - Rwanda and Greater Europe
Architecture and Design - Rwanda and Greater Europe
Majors: Architecture and Design

In response to the world’s needs, this internship combines the incredible talent found in university students who are studying architecture and related fields and who have open availability to pursue humanitarian endeavors. These socially-minded architecture students are paired with real-world humanitarian projects by connecting them with non-profits who need design or construction labor but may not afford it. Students spend months tirelessly researching social and environmental issues pertaining to their projects. They pour their hearts and souls into their designs and, with the help of their mentors, hand off their visions and drawings to their ‘clients’ to be built or used for fundraising. Volunteers are brought through a structured research and design process that gives them the ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams while working with their ‘client.’

Complete a Feasibility Study with an Artisan Pottery Entrepreneur
Complete a Feasibility Study with an Artisan Pottery Entrepreneur
Majors: Entrepreneurship, Business, Management

Conduct a feasibility study for the launch of an artisan pottery business located in the Jungles of Ecuador. Interns will be working alongside an established ministry to launch this new initiative with the objective of generating work for women (particularly moms whose children attend the boarding home or school). Deliverables will include: 1) a feasibility study with research gathered to help the organization decide to move/not move forward with the idea; 2) a financial page with a projected income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet; 3) a crowdfunding strategy for the startup company; and 4) a business plan detailing the development, start-up and growth phases of the business.

Write Stories for an International Christian Radio
Write Stories for an International Christian Radio
Majors: Business, Graphic Design, Marketing, Communications, Spanish

Join an international Christian radio ministry and app developer that seeks to share the gospel in unique and creative ways. Interns will be involved in writing stories, translating content for print and audio, and support with social media.

Language Translation for an Education Sponsorship Program
Language Translation for an Education Sponsorship Program
Majors: Spanish, Marketing, Communications, English, International Studies

Join a team of committed volunteers who are passionate about bringing quality education to children and transforming communities around the world. They provide educational support for individual children, teens, and adults and work to provide educational resources for entire communities in regions of our world that have suffered from poverty, crisis, and natural disaster. Interns will support in a variety of capacities including translating child sponsor letters, organizing a fundraising campaign, and performing an organizational review.

Design a Creative Fundraising Campaign for Christian Ministry in the Amazon Jungle
Design a Creative Fundraising Campaign for Christian Ministry in the Amazon Jungle
Majors: Entrepreneurship, Business, Non-profit Management

Intern will research methodologies for connecting with a younger generation of supporters and develop creative fundraising strategies. These strategies need to be unconventional and up to date. An emphasis would be placed on recurring monthly donations. Interns will: 1) research on different fundraising venues and how nonprofit can adjust to the different generations of constituents; 2) create a calendar, schedule, and plan to execute strategy; 3) generate a yearly budget for strategy. 4) a creative fundraising strategy that the ministry can put into action;

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