These Q&A will help you get all of your details in order and plans in place.

Do I need a passport?

When participating in any of our international programs (non-USA based), you will need a passport.  It must be valid and not have an expiration date within 6 months of your travel.

What are the dates of the semester?

This information is provided on the individual program pages under opportunities:

Ecuador Semester

Ecuador Summer

Italy Semester

Global Virtual Internship

When are the application deadlines?

April 1st for the following Fall semester
‍November 1st for the following Spring semester
‍March 1st for the following Summer

If the application deadline has passed, you are still invited to submit an application then reach out to our team directly to discuss the option of a late add.

We would be happy to accommodate your late application if possible.

What if I have a Dietary or Physical limitation?

Dietary Restrictions:

Travelling overseas with any sort of food allergies and/or dietary restrictions is challenging, particularly in a developing country and require careful planning, patience, and flexibility.

L&LI in Quito, Ecuador can accommodate (during homestays, chapel, and on trips) vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and/or nut-free diets.

L&LI in Rome, Italy can accommodate vegetarian diets. Unfortunately, because we eat many of our meals in community and because of the nature of Italian food, we cannot accommodate gluten-free or dairy-free diets.

Students with additional food allergies and/or dietary restrictions (ie: vegan) other than those listed above, should 1) anticipate cooking for themselves, in addition to bringing or purchasing personal cookware if separate cookware is needed 2) plan on spending additional personal funds on food, and 3) understand that food options, at L&LI meals and at the grocery store, will be limited. Strict or life-threatening food allergies and/or dietary restrictions must be communicated to L&LI staff during the application process and as soon as possible.

Physical Limitations:
Travelling overseas with a physical disability and/or impairments is challenging. L&LI participants must possess the necessary physical capacity to safely perform the essential functions of a study abroad student with or without reasonable accommodations. L&LI is limited in providing reasonable accommodations; both Italy, Ecaudor and other International locations posses physical barriers and structural obstacles in natural and manmade environments that prevent or block mobility and/or access. L&LI students must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time, walk for thirty minutes uninterrupted, possess the ability to transport themselves from one place to another in a timely manner (specifically on public transportation), and be able to carry at least twenty pounds.

While the following is not an exhaustive list, participants will need to navigate these and other environments: uneven roads, dirt paths, stairs, steps, boarding and de-boarding a river canoe, boarding and de-boarding a city trolly with a short window of time that doors stay open,  etc. Physical disabilities and/or impairments are to be communicated to L&LI staff during the application process.

Who can I call in an emergency?

In the United States & Ecuador:

Philip J Payne: Executive Director 

Phone: 1 (805) 823-5839 


In the United States:

Greg Belgum: VP Strategic Partnerships

Phone: 1(408) 306-7073


In Ecuador:

Meg van Rijn: Director of Operations

Phone:  +1 (602) 321-2420


In Italy:

Larry Peck: Program Director

Phone: +1 (704) 641-3376

+39 328-617-1975


Who will pick me up at the airport?

A leader from Living and Learning Program will be at the airport to meet you. The airport is easy and organized. You will land, go through immigration where they will stamp your passport and then claim your luggage and leave.

Should I bring my laptop?

YES.  We would recommend you bring one for writing papers for class and for keeping in communication with others in your program and at home.   Internet will be provided in your apartment.

Will the classes be in English?

Yes, all classes will be taught in English. The exception to this would be upper division Spanish courses.

What happens if I get sick?

Medical care is readily available and there are multiple hospitals within 10-15 minutes of anywhere you will be in the main city of your program. Program staff will stay with you throughout any experience at a hospital or clinic.

What if a program is cancelled? What if I need to back out, withdraw, or need a refund?

Refund Policy

It is the policy of L&LI that students who withdraw from a program for any reason are entitled to a refund in accordance with federal and school policies, whether or not they are recipients of federal or institutional aid. The period of enrollment for which the student is charged is defined by L&LI as from the program start date to the program end date. Students who are dismissed from a program are not entitled to a refund.

Program Cancellation Policy (Updated in light of COVID-19)

Cancellation Pre-Departure:

In the event that L&LI needs to cancel or suspend a program prior to the start date, participants can:

  1. Transfer enrollment to an alternative program that has not been cancelled (Italy or Ecuador). There are no change fees however students will be responsible for any difference in Program Cost. When transferring to a less expensive program, participants will receive a refund of the difference.
  2. Postpone their enrollment to a future semester in the same program. There are no fees associated with postponement. Any monies paid will be applied to the future program.
  3. Withdraw entirely from L&LI programs and receive a full refund.

Cancellation During an Active Program:

In the event that L&LI needs to cancel or suspend a program while it is already active, a full refund cannot be guaranteed. However, students can expect the following:

  1. L&LI will make every reasonable effort to recover costs for the cancelled portion of the program and refund those monies to the student. However, L&LI pays the bulk of program costs, including but not limited to educational expenses, housing, health, safety and security and administrative costs upfront and before the program start date. These upfront payments are non-recoverable costs and are non-refundable. A partial refund may be issued based on what L&LI is able to recover.
  2. Provide regular and clear communication to students and their home institution.
  3. Where possible, provide alternative options for completing course work and award academic credit. 

Change in Program Design

L&LI makes every effort to deliver all programs as published in web, print, and in-person advising. Occasionally, Changes in Program Design need to be made due to local or global circumstances. 

These changes may include but are not limited to trips and excursions, internship options, staffing, housing, and/or academic course offerings. Changing from in person instruction to online instruction is considered a Change in Program Design.

As long as Changes in Program Design are similar to original arrangements, no refund will be given. Determinations of similarity will be made at the sole discretion of L&LI.

Voluntary Withdrawal Refund Procedures

After acceptance to L&LI, students must notify the Program Director as well as the Registrar/Study Abroad Office at the home institution, if one decides to withdraw from the program. Notifications must be in writing. The effective date of withdrawal is the date L&LI is notified or the last date of association with the program, whichever is later.

Students who are accepted into a program and withdraw within 30 days of the program start date are responsible for $2,500 for housing. Students who withdraw or are dismissed from a program after the program begins may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition, room & board fees. Refunds for students who withdraw after the program begins will be given at the sole discretion of L&LI.

If a student believes individual circumstances warrant an exception to these procedures, they may appeal through a written report. This report along with supporting documentation should be sent to the Program Director for review.

Dismissal for Nonpayment of Fees

Students are expected to pay their tuition, room & board fees in full as outlined by dates in the “payment” section of the handbook. If payments are not made on schedule, the student will be administratively withdrawn for nonpayment. The L&LI refund policy will apply in such cases and collection procedures will be initiated.